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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

This is all about me.
80's movies, 80's music, 80's pop, aged port, alan garner, alexander technique, andrew marr's voice, aromatherapy, audrey hepburn, b movies, b-movie club, badtz maru, beaches, big stompy boots, bill bailey, blues and roots, bonfires, books, bouncing, boycotting nestle, brat pack movies, burgundy hair, cairns, camping, camping in the rain, candles, chaos theory, cheese, chinstrap penguins, chris t-t, cleavage, clouds, cooking, corsetry, corsets, cosib, dancing, deep south blues, diana wynne jones, dr seuss, dry martinis, ecw, eddie izzard, eliza carthy, elmore james, films, fire, food, frank turner, friends, gadgets, games, gene brewer, george alec effinger, ginger wine, good food, gus and waldo, handbags, high heels, honeyed rum, how things work, iain banks, ian watson, jasper fforde, johnny cash, kevin smith, languages, laughing, lrp, martial arts movies, marzipan, massage, maya angelou, michael rosen, mondrian, mountains, movies, music, neil gaiman, neil stephenson, nicholas evans, nicholas fisk, penguins, people-watching, philip pullman, physics, pointy shoes, primo levi, questions, radio 4, rain, rain on tents, rainbows, rathaus, reading, red wine, roger mcgough, role-playing, root beer, root beer schnapps, rubber, rvd, science, second-hand books, second-hand bookstores, sex, shoes, singing, snow, speaking french, speaking italian, stomping, stone circles, storms, tai chi, technology, the 80's, the archers, the gunslinger, the sea, the today programme, trad goth, trees, ultraviolet, walking in the rain, webb pierce, weepy movies, whitby, whitby gothic weekend, why, word play, words, zats, zombina and the skeletones